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Mini LED Teeth Whitening Light

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  • $1.8830
  • / 50 Unit
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    Voltage DC6V, 1 star LED lights, 2 button batteries power, light teeth whitening, intensity of light blue 400-600 mcs, rated voltage 6 V, comfortable design

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You always rush to your doctors to get your teeth cleaned. What if you can do this all by yourself at home? Here are new introduced mini teeth whitening lights to make your teeth shine white. It requires two button batteries to function and has a button for turning it on or off. It is very easy to maintain and quite convenient to carry. This product uses a whitening agent, applicators, mouth trays and LED light for giving your teeth its perfect white shine. The LED light is well understood to help produce a white texture on your teeth.

Mini LED Teeth Whitening Light

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